Only metal drummers should be allowed to use double bass pedal.*
Drummers agree:
It’s more durable.*
* UV1’s patented UV-cured coating provides durability and consistency unmatched by any other coated drumhead. Its coating is the most evenly applied ever seen on a drumhead, providing strength that outlasts traditional coatings. And UV1’s unique single-ply 10mil film is more resistant to stretching and denting. Combined, they make UV1 the new first choice of drummers who’ve grown tired of heads that flake, chip, and wear out before their time.
97% of drummers say UV1 is as or more durable than their old heads.
Drummers agree:
It’s more versatile.*
* UV1’s unique 10mil film delivers greater sonic possibilities for nearly any player. And it comes equipped with Evans’ revolutionary Level 360 Technology™, to provide a greater tonal range, wider tuning options, and higher levels of responsiveness and resonance.
89% of drummers say UV1 gives them the exact sound they want.
Drummers agree:
It sounds livelier.*
* Because UV1 is single ply, it is designed to give players an open, expressive sound that stays livelier longer. And UV1’s coating is designed to add to, not detract, from its tone, with increased surface texture to make it incredibly sensitive and responsive when playing with brushes.
93% of drummers say UV1 sounds as or more lively than the heads they currently play.
Drummers agree:
They’d switch to UV1.*
* UV1 drumheads are the result of years of research, experimentation, and dedication. Bringing together the strength, stability, and performance of our existing Level 360 Technology™ with D’Addario’s cutting-edge UV-cured coating, Evans UV1 delivers unmatched durability, consistency, strength, and sound. Just ask anyone who’s played it: UV1 is the new standard in drumheads.
83% of drummers surveyed said they’d switch from the heads they play now to UV1.
“Great feel and sound. But the durability and coating is the selling point.”
– Kyle M, Remo Ambassador user
“I've been using the head for about three weeks and the coating doesn't show any signs of wear whatsoever. Overall, this has made me take a fresh look at Evans.”
– Jim G, Remo Ambassador user
“What I really noticed about this head was the coating. This coating was the best coating I ever experienced for brush playing.”
-Al Henneborn, Evans G1 User
  • “This drum head looks and feels like it is higher quality than others.”
    —Chad Meyr, Remo Ambassador user
    “After 3 hours of playing you can't even tell the drum has been hit”
    –Will O, Remo Ambassador user
    “The head is very durable, easy tuning for high end crack, or de-tune for that back beat low end 70's sound…”
    –Derrick McDowell, Evans G1 User
    Our patented UV-cured coating made drummers give up their old heads and switch to UV1. So we took that same cutting-edge technology and applied it to three unique bass heads, offering unmatched durability and versatility for your kick drum. Try the UV1 bass head for a wide open sound, the UV EQ4 for a balanced sustain, or the UV EMAD for a more focused attack. Because we know not all drummers agree on their bass drum sound. Now you can have your bass and kick it too.
    UV1 BASS:
    UV1 bass heads offer the same rich tones you’re used to getting from the UV1 tom and snare heads. Combining our 10mil single-ply film with Level 360 Technology™, UV1 bass heads offer a wider tuning range, higher levels of responsiveness, and greater sonic possibilities.
    UV1 EMAD:
    The UV EMAD combines two of D’Addario’s patented technologies: the UV-cured coating and the Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping (EMAD) system. The result is a bass head that delivers an extra layer of depth and warmth, as well as maximum control, right out of the box.
    UV1 EQ4:
    UV EQ4 is a fresh spin on a classic favorite. In addition to being extremely versatile for a wide variety of playing styles, this head features a built-in 10mil overtone control ring to provide the perfect balance of tone and sustain.

    UV1 BASS   •   UV EMAD BASS   •   UV EQ4 BASS
    “Dark, heavy, strong, durable, sustainable, all around a great drumhead”
    –Chris C, Remo Emperor user
    “With almost 12 playing hours on the head, there is almost no change in the coating or brush response…”
    —Brent Norton, Remo Ambassador user
    “It has the feel and response of a single ply head, with the punchy aggressive sound of a two ply, without losing any of the feel and touch.”
    - Remo Emperor user